Dapper Social Club was founded on the principle of connecting friends and building community. Friendship and community require both freedom and trust: freedom to feel at ease with oneself and trust in each other to hold these relationships in a safe way.

While DSC is geared toward those who are queer, masculine-of-center, non-binary and trans men, we are committed to nondiscrimination and providing a harrassment-free experience for our members and the patrons of the places we visit.

Though we are a private social club, we are committed to welcoming members regardless of age, ancestry, color, race, ethnicity, creed, disability, marital or relationship status, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender idenity or gender expression. When an individual’s words or actions harass, threaten, intimidate, or cause harm to another member, their actions are in direct opposition to the welcoming and supportive environment we seek to build.

We show our commitment to nondiscrimination and anti-harassment through organizing the majority of events at venues that are accessible to those with disabilities, choosing sponsors who are committed to nondiscrimination, and addressing unacceptable behavior in a timely manner with a warning or a denial of attendance at future events.