Is there a cost for membership?

At this time it is free to join. Sign up on our email list to learn about upcoming events.

Can I join the social club if I live outside of San Francisco CIty?

Of course! We’d love for you to join us.

Do you host any events in the East Bay?

The primary focus is building community in San Francisco City, but as we grow we may consider expanding to the East Bay.

Can my company sponsor a Dapper Social Club event?

We would love to work with companies who support our mission. We are particularly excited about working with creatives and companies that are LGBTQ owned and operated. Please contact founder E Lai Sterns at to be a sponsor.

Can the Dapper Social Club be a sponsor of a community event or endorse a product?

While our group is focused on connecting friends and building community, we may consider sponsorships and endorsements in the future if it feels like a natural fit for our mission. Contact founder E Lai Sterns at with your request.